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Why Do Legal Hispanic Immigrants Protest for Illegal Alien Rights?

In the recent protest marches we have seen legal Hispanic immigrants protest along side of illegal aliens. However if you talk with legal Hispanic Immigrants most are appalled that they had to come legally and others break the law and sneak over the border. That some illegal aliens join gangs, sell drugs and commit crimes. But why are some Hispanic Immigrants sticking up for illegal aliens? Well this subject came up in an online think tank and one member stated;

“The only plausible reason I can understand these kids protesting is that they are afraid that their Mothers, Fathers, Grandma's, and Grandpa's could be deported back to Mexico while they are American citizens.”

Yes there are many families here with some of them, which are illegal and some, which are legal and thus the illegal ones are trying to become legal. I say great, then do that, the legal way. We thus need immigration streamlining to make this easier and some sort of a program. ID Cards tamper proof, verification of shots to prevent diseases and screening, speak English or enrolled in English classes, know about our nation and pay for these costs and administrative expenses.

Typically Hispanic families are very large obviously, so having family here is not to difficult and extended family even more probable. As you can see mixed families are quite problematic in this issue. We need a family sponsor program and we need illegal aliens to pay a fine, get legally sponsored by their families in this case and promise to learn English or enroll in classes. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com