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Exploitation of Carwash Labor and Illegal Aliens

Why would the largest carwash chain in the United States hire illegal aliens? Obviously you would think that a publicly traded company would be smarter than that. Yet this company was not, in fact they were not only hiring illegal aliens they were over 90% of their crews and they had been doing this for over five years and right out in the open. Yet, why did it take so long for the authorities to bust them?

Well because the patrons wanted a good deal on car washes and because the authorities operate on complaints. They do not investigate unless someone complains. So who finally complained? Well, it was probably a competitor, but why did someone speak up earlier?

At four car washes the company had 56 illegal aliens and they were raided by authorities on a Monday, their slowest day, not a weekend or Friday when the total could have been even higher. During the raid illegal aliens scattered and they authorities said they caught most of them, but not all. Why is it that Americans care so much about illegal aliens and still will not call authorities when they see a company hire them?

Why is it that Americans will go to the car wash a couple of times a month and never even make mention of it? A simple phone call would help this problem. So, I ask you will you call authorities next time you see at your local car wash the exploitation of illegal immigration labor? Will you pick up the phone and do the right thing? Or are you a hypocrite just like all the rest? Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com