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An Immigration Plan - From An Ordinary Citizen

On October 26th, 2006, Congress passed a bill authorizing the extension of a fence that would cover 854 miles along the borders of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

That bill is present law.

The Department of Homeland Security has admitted to having built just 13 miles, so far. Representative Duncan Hunter (Ca), sponsor of the bill, said, on a July 4th telecast, that President Bush was unaware that so little of the fence had been built.

Let's all shout loud and clear to our representatives, letting them know we want action and quick.

In the meantime, one citizen's proposal:

1. Build the 854 mile fence to be completed no later than April 1, 2008 which allows nine months from the time the immigration bill was defeated. Continue all other measures of border security.

2. Require illegal aliens to register and receive a fool proof, tamper proof biometric card.

3. Require illegal aliens and their employer, each, to pay $10 a week, permanently, to pay for the costs of the fence, related security costs, the additional workers needed for processing, for the illegal status of the worker and for other inevitable costs. The $10 weekly fee (penalty) would be in addition to all other taxes.

4. Enact serious penalties for employers who knowingly violate new and existing requirements.

5. If the illegal alien has a crime free record, grant a temporary status that allows him only to continue working, with no determination as to citizenship.

6. No welfare of any kind could be received by non-citizens, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, (EITC) which is not in any way earned. The EITC by any other name is a welfare program.

7. Require that each country's quota be reduced annually by the exact number of those caught entering illegally. So if 200 citizens from a given country were caught, that country's quota would be reduced the following year by 200. This would encourage countries to enforce, rather than encourage, breaking the law.

8. Appoint a presidential commission of American citizens only from all walks of life, excluding congress, to make recommendations on citizenship, that will reflect what is best for the future of America, not reflect the wishes and special interest scheming, of a few elite Senators. Give the commission precisely one year to report its findings.

9. I would like to be on that immigration commission.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com