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Statistics On Illegal Immigration » Public Opinion On Illegal Immigration Ordinances

Amnesty Is A Bad Idea

The first part of this post may seem patronizing, but in fact it represents my true thoughts. In my opinion the people of Mexico are for the most part some of the finest people in the world. The majority of the Mexican people I know are bright, hard working, diligent, kind and generous to a fault. The majority of people of Mexican descent who reside in this country, legally, make great additions to our nation.

Some problems with amnesty are that we don't really know how many illegal immigrants actually reside in this country but we do know that less than half of the illegal immigrants are Mexican. We don't know how many illegal immigrants came here while trying to escape the law in their own country, we don't know how many came here in order to engage in criminal activities, we don't know how many came here in order to harm this country and no matter how hard we try to check them out, there is no way to do a proper job of clearing all of them.

Another problem with amnesty is that by granting any type of amnesty we are in effect rewarding people who broke our laws in order to enter this country. Would you reward someone for breaking into your home and having a party because your home was nicer than theirs.

Additionally, whether you like it or not, illegal immigrants are criminals. They came into this country illegally, many bought forged documents, many came in with drug smugglers, many came in smuggleing drugs themselves, all of them are trespassers, many destroyed private property (if you don't believe me, just ask some of the people who live or lived by the border), many are here illegally collecting welfare, etc.. If you start out breaking laws it is easier to keep breaking laws.

Finally, they are not citizens or even legal residents but they are making demands and threats against the people of this country and our government. I, for one, had a lot more sympathy for the illegals before they started demonstrating and protesting, before they tried to shut down our ports and businesses and before they said that they were going to bring America to it's knees.

Source: coolimmigration.com