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Statistics On Illegal Immigration » Solutions For Illegal Immigration

It Is Impossible to Evict 24 Million Illegal Aliens

It is not feasible to try to roundup 24 million illegal aliens and remove them from our country. That's simply is not an option in it is not doable. The President of the United States of America, George W. Bush is right when he states that it is unrealistic to consider that move to solve the illegal immigration problems.

Currently we do not even have enough busses to transport the illegal aliens back to their home, country in Mexico. Sixty percent of all illegal aliens come from Mexico and that alone is 14.4 million. Additionally, the amount of law-enforcement personnel needed for such a comprehensive plan makes such a process highly unlikely and un-cost effective.

The illegal aliens need to get legitimate and the need to pay taxes and a fine for illegally entering our country. If illegal entry into United States of America is a misdemeanor presently there they should pay a $1500 fine, signed up for a tamper proof ID card in start paying income taxes. Then, those employers would hire them can do so legally and above board.

Over 33 percent of our nation's prisons are filled with illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes. In Arizona state prison system has over 38 percent illegal aliens and the cost to taxpayers incredible. Over 80 hospitals in California alone have closed and our system is being overrun and is at a stress point. Something must be done. Consider this in 2006.

Source: coolimmigration.com