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Statistics On Illegal Immigration » The High Cost Of Illegal Immigration

Illegal Aliens Start Wild Fire By San Diego

The illegal aliens trying to cross from Mexico into the United States illegally have started a wildfire near San Diego on the US-Mexican Border. Apparently they had set up a camp and waited until there were no Border Patrol and then come across.

Their campfire started a huge wildfire that has burned 15,000 acres. Of course they were illegal aliens and now they are either arsonists or in big trouble for their carelessness. Unfortunately the chances of catching them now are very low.

Luckily the area is not well inhabited and it will be much more difficult for future illegal alien border crossers in that area because there is no more brush to hide behind. From now on there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide because 15,000 acres are now cleared.

Why can't illegal aliens and illegal immigrants simply get in line like everyone else and come into the country legally? Instead they cost the US taxpayer millions of dollars in costs. Fighting this 15,000 acre blaze near San Diego is just one more extreme cost that the taxpayers are burdened with in a long string of other costs.

We must prevent illegal immigration in the United States of America over the Mexican border to protect the taxpayer and our citizens. If we fail to protect our borders from illegal crossings then we have failed the American people. Please consider this in 2006.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow