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Carwashes and Illegal Alien Trends

Well it does appear that our nation’s illegal immigration problems have been getting some recent press. Due to citizen concerns and also to the protests of the criminal illegal aliens as well. One industry, which is not changing and does not care to is the car wash industry which continually hires, exploits and uses illegal alien labor. But what can you do about this abuse right there in your own community? Well one expert suggests;

“Call toll free to your senators and congressmen and demand they enforce our immigration laws, put troops on the Mexican border, and stop any amnesty of illegal aliens. 1 877 762 8762. Tell them to join the IMMIGRATION REFORM CAUCUS with Tom Tancredo.”

You see often illegal aliens bring us thousands of cases of TB, hepatitis, leprosy and other deadly diseases. Our children are at risk as 1.1 million unscreened illegal alien kids attend our schools. Websites that explain diseases and further actions you can take:

It should be fairly obvious that any business which hires illegal aliens does not care about these issues, family or even your car. And in the case of the greedy car wash owners, well let’s face it as they exploit the illegal aliens they do not even care about humanity in my opinion. Consider this in 2006 and make that call.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com