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Stop Illegal Immigration » Court Decisions On Illegal Immigration

Liberals Lie in Blogs to Shape Opinion

Did you know when you are debating an issue with a blogger or another person in a forum online they may have just made up an entire story to get you to side with their opinion. This happened to me recently in a discussion about illegal immigration.

It was like what part of illegal don’t you understand here type of debate. Then the person stated she just married an illegal alien and she wants him back with their family. So I did some checking and the whole thing was a lie. But even before I checked up on it some one else stated;

“The reason I do not believe you is this is a tactic that liberals use to debate these issues. They make up a sob story and then get us to concede to a hypothetical and then further push to convince us that it is okay. But it is not Okay.”

She then indicated that she was sorry no one believed her and that she was trying to get everything thru immigration and another forum participant said;

“And you are now doing the right thing. Good. The time delay is a real problem and a major contention, we need to do something about that and streamline that, as the President mentioned in the speech today. The system and the paperwork is broken and unfair and not in the best interests of our nation and that is a huge issue as well. Much of what is holding it up is all the immigration lawyers and the lawsuits and court issues.”

Thank you for handling this issue correctly they told her and doing it legally. The delay is not fair indeed. But that is the law and until the blob of bureaucracy figures it all out, unfortunately this is the price we all pay for waiting so long and basically throwing away the Barbara Jordan Report.

Let’s be sure not to believe all the sob stories we read on the Blogs as they are being used to shape our opinions, and we should let freedom ring along with observational based common sense shouldn’t we? Consider all this in 2006.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow