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Illegal Aliens at the Local Carwash; What Can I Do?

Have you noticed that there are illegal aliens at your local car wash? You are not alone in fact one industry analyst has stated on numerous occasions that the car wash industry is one of the biggest exploiters of Hispanic Labor in the United States. It was also depicted as being the very worst culprit of illegal alien labor of over 50 industries looked at.

One has to ask why this goes on and why no one stops it. Well the answer is as clear as the windows on you SUV and you mirror at home. You see, you do not care enough about your country to do anything about it. Instead you go to your car wash twice per month and allow illegal aliens to vacuum up your change under your seats and clean your car and dry it off real nice, but you say nothing. Because you are a hypocrite and do not care.

Sure you rant and rave about the Illegal Immigration protests, strikes, boycotts, demonstrations and riots, but you will not pick up the phone and go to the government listings in your phone book and make that call. The government enforcement agencies like the INS and Border Patrol only operate on complaints and if you do not call they will do nothing about it. It is your responsibility and your fault that we have an illegal immigration problem in our country, but you do not care, as you will not do something as simple as making a single phone call. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com