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Stop Illegal Immigration » Illegal Immigration From Mexico

Americans are to Immediately Give Their Country to Mexico; NOW!

Some of the more radical illegal immigration organizations who are participating in the marches and the boycott of America's businesses claim that they have already taken over Los Angeles due to the fact that 55% of the city of Los Angeles is Hispanic.

Although in reality 85 percent of the Hispanics in Los Angeles are indeed legal citizens and they consider the United States of America their home and they consider themselves to be Americans. There is a great divide between the illegal aliens and legal Hispanic-Americans however, there are many mixed families which are mostly legal citizens and have a few illegal aliens in their family here. They support their family members to become illegal U.S. citizens but do not necessarily support the more radical illegal immigration organizations that are causing all the problems.

Some groups that support illegal immigration such as MECHA believe that California, New Mexico, Arizona and most of Texas belongs to Mexico and was stolen and their long-term goal is to take back. Their plan is simple out produce American birthrates and then thru revolution take back what they believe is theirs. The MECHA organization believes that these protest marches are only the beginning and this is a new movement and cannot be stopped. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com