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Anchor Babies and the Illegal Immigration Costs on Civilization

One of the biggest complaints of US Citizens is that illegal aliens come to our nation to have babies. This way they get free delivery, safe services and competent doctors, as well as knowing that baby is now a US Citizen. And a US Citizen baby needs their mother too right? Sure they do, so the mom gets to stay to protect her anchor baby.

Recently this issue came up in an online think tank and one guest member stated; “I work in a medical practice where I see illegal women come in and apply for state funding for their pregnancy. And although the aid is not monetary, it is when you realized that we are delivering just in California hundreds of babies on this system costing on the average $10,000 for a normal delivery and up to $45,000 for a cesarean section.”

Yes it is an over burden on border town hospitals, literally shutting them down with burdensome costs. Additionally 80 hospitals in CA have filed BK due to this issue. It is serious and we cannot take the added strain on the systems. I believe this is a problem. Also I want a Constitutional Amendment change on the word “persons born in the United States:” to be changed to prevent anchor babies prior to your 5-year probationary period. Perhaps we need to focus on this pressing issue and revise our laws to stop this abuse of our hospitals and system. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com