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18-Wheelers Smuggling Illegal Aliens in Horrific Conditions

You know we cannot blame illegal aliens for walking to come to our country and work. We should not blame the businesses for hiring illegal aliens because the need workers and unemployment is only 4.7 percent. What we need is a better situation that is fair for all concerned.

Meaning a guest worker program, which comes with a camper proof ID card. Where each worker is put into a database and where employers can go online to check the database to make sure the person is legal. We also need to streamline our legal immigration process and cut the incredible backlog in our immigration courts.

But that is not all, as we must also prevent drug smugglers, gang members and car thieves from coming over the border to commit crime. One of the worst things we've seen is coyotes, who are people smugglers and they pack hundreds of people in the back of a tractor-trailer semi 18 Wheeler in horrific conditions and bring them across the border. Often as part of these coyotes services they forge documentation for the illegal alien in charge that a healthy fee.

But the United States of America is the greatest country in the history of mankind and people will do anything and pay their last dollar just to get here. These coyotes know that and they are exploiting these people in inhumane conditions. We must do something about this; we must fix this illegal immigration problem today.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com