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Chinese Symbols and Mathematical Genius - Are They Connected?

Students in China who learn Chinese have to memorize 40,000 symbols or characters in the Chinese language before there are 14 years old. This takes a tremendous amount of studying and personal effort. Many students in the United States did not like math because they have to memorize symbols and that confuses them.

Perhaps this is because the English language only has 26 letters and very few characters to memorize. Chinese students on the other hand are conditioned to memorizing many characters and symbols and this is very easy for them. When it comes to memorizing mathematical symbols the Chinese students have no problem with this and therefore the equations look like simple math and arithmetic.

Do you believe that the way the kids are taught in school to learn symbols in China has something to do with their ability and genius in mathematics yes or no? I believe it does and I also believe that this gives the Chinese students a tremendous advantage in mathematics over the English speaking language countries. Does this mean we should teach American kids Chinese?

Today English is the language of mathematics and business but it may not be that way 50 to a hundred years from now. The kids in China are smart just like American kids and with the proper schooling and education they can excel just as well and in mathematics perhaps even better.

Do you believe there are more geniuses per capita in the United States where freedom is more common than in China? Apparently there seem to be more geniuses per capita in the United States of America, but a significant margin however that might also be because not all the Chinese kids are tested and the tasks that are used to measure IQ happen to be specially designed for English-speaking students.

Do you believe that China will lag the United States in innovation and scientific discovery well off into the future? Well, currently China does lag the United States in innovation and scientific discovery but I wouldn't say we can count on that forever. With a slight advantage in mathematics that the Chinese have due to the way they learn and the way their children's brains form because of the way that they learn the symbols used in language, we may see China move up in the world when it comes to scientific discovery.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow