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7 Reasons You Should Choose Chinese As a Second Language

Reason 1 - Over 1.2 billion people speak the Chinese Language. It is spoken by one out of every five people on earth, more than any other language in the world.

Reason 2 - The Chinese civilization is over 6000 years. Learning the language is the key to explore and appreciate the cumulative knowledge and experience of one the world's oldest and exquisite cultures.

Reason 3 - China is becoming a dominant player in the international economic and financial system of this century. With China joining the WTO, it has created huge demands for a greater understanding and trading with the world's fastest growing nation.

Reason 4 - The United States government has designated Americas relations with China as one of the most important foreign policy issues. Ever-broadening U.S. - China relations in various business fields has increased the importance of Chinese presence in American communities.

Reason 5 - Chinese is one of the four "critical languages" for Americans. Understanding and proficient in the Chinese language are of critical importance to the United States in economic advantages and opportunities.

Reason 6 - Chinese communities have played important roles, including science, business, education, arts and various services in local communities of all countries around the world. Being able to communicate with and better understand these community members is a benefit in our multicultural society.

Reason 7 - Learning Chinese not only satisfies our desire to grasp a foreign language but it can also be the greatest asset to career advancement. There are increasing opportunities for government and business careers as well as for scientific, scholarly and cultural exchanges.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com