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Will China and India Surpass the United States in Future Innovation

One question that has been pondered in the United States as both China and India experience incredible growth is will these great nations surpass American in innovation in the future? Consider their size, populations and emergence into the top tiers of modern first World nations before you answer.

Absolutely and it is utterly arrogant and ridiculous to believe that our culture is so entrepreneurial innovative that the Chinese or Indian kids will not surpass us. I have heard words uttered that we will design everything and they will make it there. BS really because soon India and China will own our car industry, aviation, computer industry and many other industries.

These countries will be designing and then manufacturing with their massive output capabilities. Their economies of scale will overtake all but the strongest economies. And lets not forget the lessons of the past in India with textiles and European economies of days gone by either?

The facts are that the Chinese due to brain formatting have an advantage in mathematics due to their training in learning 40,000 symbols by age 12-15. Math is everything in many fields, so we should expect continuous advances there in the Space Race, software, and such. One slight disadvantage for these populations they have learned some bad of the habits of the United States, such as over regulation, over lawyering and cheating, as often their research reports have bogus data.

China is moving up fast 5th largest economy now and at their current growth rate, it is merely like compounded interest. 1.3 Billion Chinese and 1.1 Billion Indians. That is where the growth is.

If and when China and India surpass the United States it will be the fault of American society and bureaucracy and not those nations who press on and control their future growth. Innovation will be the deciding factor in the long race of top billing amongst the future Super Powers. I hope this article propels thought in 2007.

Source: coolimmigration.com