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Immigration Minister Criticised For Stance On Foreign Workers

The minister for immigration has been criticised for backtracking on a previous commitment he made regarding foreign workers.

Liam Byrne is facing a backlash after thousands of foreign workers were ordered to leave the UK because of changes to the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, just days after he vowed to review the amendments that cost them their visas.

Speaking to Personnel Today, the co-ordinator of the campaign group HSMP Amit Kapadia, said: "It is very surprising. The minister showed lots of concern at the meeting and said he was sorry to hear about the impact of the changes on people's lives.

"He said he would review the changes, and we were hopeful that he would do something," he added.

Unless Mr Byrne follows through on his previous promise, thousands of professionals in areas such as medicine, engineering and IT will be forced to leave the country.

Mr Kapadia also said the decision was unjust because many of the workers have settled in the UK with their families and many have children who are preparing for important exams such as GSCEs and A Levels.

Meanwhile the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin described the plans as "absolutely shocking".
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Source: www.coolimmigration.com