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The Welsh Language

The Welsh Language a Celtic Indo-European language (a part of the Brythonic branch) is very much related to Cornish and Breton that has been used every since the sixth century. It is thought that it was first spoken on the steppes of central Asia. It’s spoken in Wales and some border counties in England. It’s also spoken by a European settlement of the Chubut Valley in Argentina. Despite the introduction of the Welsh Language Act in 1993 to make Welsh equal to English, the Welsh language is not as widely spoken as a first language. The act provides equal footing as English and a right to anyone wishing to speak Welsh at courts and other official proceedings. The Welsh Language Board - a part of the Welsh Language Act, receives significant amount of government fund to promote the Welsh language mainly among youngsters.

Interestingly, the first minister of Wales created an unnecessary row by stating the abolition of which no action has yet been taken. Although the use of the language has declined, nevertheless its use has been revived and Welsh is being used in some parts of Wales in full strength especially certain pockets of North Wales. Road signs are in Welsh and English, compulsory teaching in schools in Wales (14 years) and the classification of Welsh as a minority language by “European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages” has somewhat prevented from its rapid decline. Introduction of welsh TV (S4C) and radio Radio Cymru has added to its growth.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com