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Managing Your Immigration

The complexity of the process is one of the reasons that using a registered migration agent or immigration lawyer is a good idea. These professionals are trained and qualified to manage the visa pathway process from beginning to end.


* Decide what visa suits your circumstances;

* Ensure you meet relevant conditions of the visa at the time of application, time of grant and throughout the permanent residency period;

* Research or obtain advice about your suitability to meet mandatory criteria of the visa;

* Decide your immigration timeline and have realistic expectations about the turnaround time for a visa grant before the authorities.

* Relevant evidence for your visa subclass;
* Health and Character Approvals;
* References and Character Statements;
* Certified documents.

Draft and Apply
* A professional and compliant submission;
* Relevant attachments to explain any issues (eg: health or character problems);
* Complete the correct form and pay the correct fee;
* Meet all legislated time of application requirements.

Manage and Comply
* Stay available for contact with the authorities;
* Inform the authorities of changes to your circumstances;
* Donít become a nuisance applicant calling and emailing constantly;
* Comply with visa requirements once grant is received.

After all of the immigration process is dealt with you will also need to consider housing, employment, schooling for children, banking and tax arrangements, health insurance and relocation services as a start.

The process is daunting but planning and seeking appropriate advice does make it easier and provides peace of mind for what is a huge life change for many people.

Rechelle Grimson is a director and founder of My Immigration Manager. Rechelle has many years experience in both the private and public sectors. Rechelle has previous Australian Government experience with both the Migration Review Tribunal and the Attorney General's Department (NSW).

Rechelle has also worked with Thomson's Legal and Regulatory Group (The Law Book Company brand). Rechelle has a keen interest in children's issues and is a committee member of the ACT Chapter of the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN). Rechelle has an excellent knowledge of administrative law, Tribunal representation, decision-making and the visa process, she is also a specialist in New Zealand Migration. Rechelle specialises in skilled, business, special category and family visa classes.

Rechelle is a Registered Migration Agent - Registration Number 0425550.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com