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Immigrate with the Right Documents

What might consume the most amount of time apart from waiting for approval from the authorities is getting the right documentation. Of course although there are ways to hasten the process, let me uncover the methods to making sure you get the right documents so that you can ensure the authorities will consider your application.

For those of you who already are familiar with the immigration process to Canada, you know that the score you need is only 67 and not 75.

The following are the documents they might require from you and family members applying together with you:

1) Birth Certificate - For all applicants in your family you are applying with

2) Language Proficiency - Certificates or transcripts showing you know English or French

3) Education - College certificates or transcripts of educational accomplishment

4) Employment and Work Experience - Testimonials or other documents showing proof of past employment

5) Family Relations in Canada - Letters or other documents like marriage certifications if you have relatives already residing in Canada.

6) Employment Letter - If you already have a job in Canada.

The Immigration of Canada may be very strict on the requirements of the above documents and you might want to consider seeking professional advice from an immigration consultant on the requirements before submitting these documents together with your application.

Filling up the application require you to read through the directions meticulously because an incomplete or erroneous form may result in your application being delayed or worse, rejected. This will then result in the unnecessary process of starting all over again and extra cash for reapplication.

In addition to all that above, you must also submit the following additional documents to add some meat to your application.

1) Pictures - Of you and your family who following you to Canada

2) Proof of finances - Documents from bank or employer in Canada (if any).

Your proof of finances is especially important and will be a major factor to the success of your application. Ask a reliable and experienced immigration consultant for your chances before you submit, unless you want to lose your high application fees.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com