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Mr. President Want About Immigration?

The United States of America is a beacon of liberty, hope and possibility for people all over the world. Of up most importance is that this beacon continue to shine and inspire the human spirit. Our country is a melting pot and historically been enriched by immigration and the diversity that cements in place a constant vigilance that freedom, individual rights and the rule of law are supreme values in this country.

Our borders are sovereign and precisely define the geography of our country. Anyone be they individual or intruders from another country that crosses our boarders without permission from the authority charged with protecting our boarders and our sovereignty, does so illegally and without the sanction of our laws. To avoid violating our laws and the consequences of said violation no foreigner can enter our country without the proper permission, visa or passport, to do so is an invasion of our national sovereignty and will be dealt with as such, without exception.

However, immigration has historically served the national interest and is important to the future of our country on many levels. Therefore, I have instructed the Federal Reserve, the Department of Commerce and others to immediately form a committee and bring annual estimates of immigration quotas that can be shown to enhance the economic interests of the nation. These estimates shall be used to construct a policy that orders and regulates the flow of immigrates into the country. They shall be adjusted annually and policies implemented to insure that predetermined quotas are adhered to and enforced.

The failure to set and maintain a control on illegal immigration has resulted in a problem. Many illegal immigrates already reside inside the boarders of the United States without proper identifications, permissions to work, visas and passports. Further there has been a practice of allowing illegal immigrates to remain in the country without assuming the responsibilities of preparing to become citizens and without the intention of assimilating into the country and thereby joining and contributing to the grand social experiment of diversity and liberty that is the United States. This will ultimately weaken that fabric of our nation. It will dilute who we are and what we stand for in the world. This will be corrected and the strength of our national fabric will be healed and strengthened. We believe everyone who comes to the United States to become an American and participate with full responsibilities as a citizen can find a place in this great nation.

Immigrates who are in the country and new immigrates will be required to assimilate into the fabric of our national life, learn our language, culture and the workings of our society and government. They will be required to demonstrate that they are here to prosper economically and contribute to our national economy. They will be required to actively pursue citizenship and they will be restricted from exporting any wealth from our country until they have become citizens and earned the right to a full decision about sending the money they have earned back to their home country. A visitor in our country who steals from this nation to the advantage of another nation or individuals residing in another nation is not a welcome guest and will be understood in this manner and treated accordingly.

I believe what I have said this morning sets a new tone and direction for the immigration policies this country will hold into the future. I have directed the appropriate governmental agencies to begin immediate preparations to enforce these policies. I have also sent to the Congress legislation to be passed thereby reconciling policy with the law. I anticipate that the citizens of the country will make it known to their representatives that these reforms are important and should be enacted with all haste.

The most important duty of the Presidency is to protect the nationís sovereignty. I appeal to the citizens of the United States of America that the integrity of our national sovereignty must be protected and I ask for your supported in the execution of my duties.

Source: coolimmigration.com