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Fiancee Visa Process

Handling the Fiancée Visa Process in Three Ways

The process of applying for a fiancée visa can be lengthy and complicated. Before embarking on the fiancée visa process, take the time to decide on which application method will work best for you. Whether you choose to handle the work yourself with a visa kit, enlist the help of a service, or hire a specialized attorney, you can count on successfully bringing your new fiancée into the country. Before making your final decision, consider some of the benefits of each application method.

Fiancée Visa Kit

This is essentially the do-it-yourself way of applying for a visa for your fiancée. There are a variety of kits available to be bought which will help you with the process, and each is quite similar in guiding you through the following steps:

Step 1: gather all of the required documents including those for the US citizen as well as those for the foreign fiancée.

Step 2: complete all the USCIS forms including biographic information on the US citizen and the foreign fiancée, affidavit of support, and the application for action on an approved application or petition.

Step 3: Send your completed application to USCIS and wait for approval.

Step 4: Upon approval, request the American consulate to open a provisional file.

Step 5: Complete packet three from the American consulate.

Step 6: Complete packet four from the American consulate.

Step 7: Prepare for the interview.

Step 8: Learn how to request temporary work authorization upon the fiancée's arrival.

Step 9: Apply for permanent residency and obtain a green card.

Handling the fiancée visa process in this way takes patience and care. If you can find the time to devote to the process and are a careful and thorough reader, a fiancée visa kit may be useful to you.

Fiancée Visa Service

Hiring a fiancée visa service is another way of handling the application process. They will fill out the appropriate forms and send them to USCIS. Be aware that these services do not employ lawyers; they rely on trained professionals who have been through the process many times.

Fiancée Visa Attorney

The most expensive of the three fiancée visa application methods is to hire a specialized lawyer for the job. An attorney will handle the completion of all forms, and should a problem arise during the process, he/she will serve as representation for you before the Immigration and Naturalization Service or the appropriate US embassy. Perhaps one of the main benefits to employing an attorney is that you can ask for references and that will give you an idea of the attorney's previous successes in obtaining the much sought after fiancée visa.

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