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Oakland Athletics: 2006 Baseball Betting Season Preview

With the firesales the Oakland Athletics have been having, there is no question as to why the Athletics were a fan favorite early in the 2005 MLB Baseball season. With all they have gone through, for them to finish 88-74 is quite impressive.

The Athletics began the season on a wild path and their backers were cashing in. But they finished the season with a 14-18 record and dropped their backers about 6 units in that span.

We actually expect them to perform worse in the 2006 Baseball season. We expect to see an Oakland Athletics team that hovers around 500. The love affair that the novice baseball handicapper had with the Oakland Athletics will no longer exist. As a result, the MLB Betting Odds on the Oakland Athletics are going to be a mighty tasty treat for the successful baseball capper.

One of the secrets to betting on (or against) the Oakland Athletics in year's past is to bet on them if they are going up against a lefty and to go against them if they are going up against a right-handed pitcher.

The Oakland Athletics were an amazing 30-17 against left handed pitching for a positive 11.6 units. The previous 4 years, the Athletics were still a profitable 109-73 (+17 Units). This is a combined +29 units over a 5 year span and we do not expect it to change. In fact, because public perception of how bad they are next season, going for them against left handed pitching, especially in the right spots are going to earn us a lot of money.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com