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In previous articles we have explored several ways of finding an attorney. There are many wrong ways to do this, as we have seen. In future articles we will discuss the right ways to pick a lawyer.

Another questionable way to pick an attorney is by through an advertisement. The Yellow Pages are filled with the ads of P. I. lawyers, some of whom are extremely competent and some of whom are unscrupulous ambulance chasers. If you must pick a lawyer from an ad, interview several and then investigate the credentials of those you like. The Bar Association in your city maintains disciplinary files which can help you to steer clear of unethical practitioners.

P. I. lawyers do not charge for the initial consultation. You can interview as many as you like before you sign a fee agreement. But it's a bad idea to wait too long before selecting one. A prompt investigation by your lawyer may be crucial to your case. So if you're comfortable with the first lawyer you meet, you can sign a fee agreement and let him begin the investigation. If you sign a fee agreement but then change your mind, you can still fire the first lawyer and pick a new one. The first lawyer is required to turn your file over to the new lawyer.

Treat your selection of a personal injury lawyer the way you would any matter of importance in your life. Your choice of lawyers may make the difference between years of uncertainty and stress and a rapid, successful and not unpleasant experience.

Evan Aidman is the founder and principal of the Law Offices of Evan K. Aidman. Mr. Aidman received a Bachelor's Degree in psychology from the University of Florida where he was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society after compiling a near perfect scholastic record. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, an Ivy League Institution, in 1983.

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