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Lawyers Are Your Friends, When it Comes to Restraining Orders

Restraining orders can be risky business. You might believe that when you reach the point of filing restraining orders, they would make things easy on you. Since domestic violence is such a prominent issue, you might assume that there would be procedures in place, so that you could easily file a stalking order to protect yourself, and loved ones, from a dangerous individual. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Laws are written to protect, but officers often do not help as often as they should.

Today, it is extremely difficult to obtain a restraining order without hiring a competent attorney. In theory, a restraining order should be simple to get in an emergency, but the facts are different; it is tough to have restraining orders issued and nearly impossible to enforce them. Filing a restraining order does not always completely protect you and your loved ones from an abuser. Over time it may be possible to prosecute them, especially if they hurt you. Right away, though, there might not be a single thing you can do to keep them far from you.

Restraining orders quite often provoke abusers to inflict more harassment upon their victims. Many times, abusers are simply enraged by restraining orders. Restraining orders can be effective in protecting you from an abuser, but all too often they can also make things even worse. Prior minor harassment can turn dangerous and then fatal. While you may feel that a restraining order will afford you protection, this isn't a guarantee.

You can get a good lawyer that will help you obtain adequate assistance before it becomes too late. Lawyers not only know and understand the "system", they know and understand the people who work in the system. They know how the cops work on restraining orders, how to get you the immediate protection that you need, and they also have an understanding of how stalkers and abusers operate. A restraining order may not fulfill all of your needs, but it is a beginning. You'll need a lawyer to obtain and enforce the restraining order. For many, it could be the difference between living and dying.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com